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For Great Family Vacations, Know Before You Go

Bonding is big this summer, especially among families moved by the desire to get closer to loved ones. Kids especially can start a lifelong store of treasured memories and fun learning experiences. For parents, however, traveling with children can be a test of patience. Help is at hand on, where a "traveling with children" section offers some ingenious tips for making sure family vacations are fun for everyone

Before leaving, start a countdown calendar that makes waiting fun. Let kids pack bags of their own with favorite clothes and toys. In your own carry bag, pack hard candies and gum, hand wipes, tissues, and a surprise toy for each child.

Allow plenty of time for check-in and also between connecting flights. Arriving early to board together prevents last minute delays and confusion. Have a safety plan in case anyone gets separated at the airport. Discuss where to meet and what to do. Do this for each place you go on your trip.

Have a daily schedule with some flexible, free time for each family member. Give a copy to family members with phone numbers and addresses of hotels where you're staying, transportation information and emergency contact information. If possible, each family member should have a cell phone or walkie-talkie to keep in touch at all times.

When flying with small children, the best seats are the first row in economy class. There's a lot of legroom, and you'll be a bit sequestered from most of the plane when the kids get cranky and other passengers get annoyed. Get up, stretch and walk around with your children often during the flight to save everyone's sanity.

Keep bottled water and lotion on hand to rehydrate during the flight. Bring chewing gum (pacifiers and bottles for little ones) to lessen the effects of changing air pressure. Pack a few toys in your carry-on to bring out one by one to keep children from getting cranky.

If renting a car, call the car rental company to make sure they offer car seats and installation. If not, you'll have to bring your own in addition to a collapsible stroller. If nothing else, a simple call may save you having to bring an extra piece of equipment.